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SmellWell - Green Camo


SmellWell bags are an effective natural charcoal odour remover and moisture absorber, for more than just your shoes.

These non-allergenic, non-toxic mineral and bamboo charcoal pouches effectively absorb moisture. An easy way to keep your gym bags, shoes, gloves and sporting equipment fresh and dry. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi by absorbing moisture, therefore eliminating the problem of bad odours.

Contains 1 pair of SmellWell and lasts up to 6 months. 

SmellWell works for everything!

• Work shoes
• Running shoes and sneakers
• Football shoes
• Boots and skates
• Hockey and boxing gloves
• Wader boots
• Training bags
• Wardrobes


Customer Reviews

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Susan Brown
Best socks ever

I recently purchased several pairs for walking/running, they are excellent, no issues, no blisters and kept my feet cool. Highly recommended you get what you pay for.